Liz Hunter

I'm a Mother/Aunty/Friend/Wife/Medical Professional/Student/Parentmedic – well into today's Acronyms shortened to MAFWMPSP or just “crazy.” Been a Medical Professional with 10yrs (so far) under my belt, I feel that knowledge is power and I have a strong passion to share knowledge to give power. Parenting can be overwhelming/daunting/Scary at times especially when your child is unwell or in an emergency situation. My role as a Parentmedic Educator is to help care givers/parents, by sharing knowledge, skills of baby & child first and safety, giving confidence to handle those scary situations. My goal is to share the knowledge and skills I have been fortunate enough to experience through my profession in health care, my parentmedic training & as a parent with as many care giver/Parents as possible. To give them confidence and knowing exactly what to do when their child is sick or in an emergency.

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