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Supermarket Tour: your guide to wellness (Thursday 23rd August, 10 - 12pm)
Open 24/7

Shop for optimal health with confidence!
Making healthy food choices and understanding food labels can be a challenge. Attending a shopping tour can help you to make sense of food labels and enhance your health with confidence.
Designed for small groups our shopping tours are educational sessions which allow you the opportunity to build your health & nutrition knowledge.
A tour helps you to help make sense of nutrition labels and misleading packaging, while providing advice on how to make healthier choices, in line with dietary requirements, by incorporating more fresh food and produce in your shopping.

Topics Covered include:
- Nutrition label reading
- Understanding misleading packaging & marketing tactics
- Nutrition as medicine
- Making healthier choices
- Nutrition for Children & teens
- How to compare similar products
- Shopping for the season

Nutrition to support an active lifestyle

Supplementation and how it can support your diet

  • 1 hour Nutrition consultation including dietary analysis (50% off) + AUD $75.00
Woolworths Thrift Park, 171 Nepean Highway Mentone, VIC Australia 3194
About the service provider

Amalie Pearce is the owner of Lifespan Nutrition and is a University qualified Nutritionist who is passionate about good food and healthy lifestyle. Her aim is to inspire you to live your healthiest life and to enjoy yourself in the process. She believes that education and inspiration are the keys to health and you will find that you soon become passionate about these things through your interaction with her. Amalie works in many areas of nutrition but her passion is early childhood nutrition, pre & post menopausal nutrition, and nutritional change due to allergies, intolerances, & lifestyle changes.

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