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Rest in the Nest Part 1; Sleep for babies 0-4 months March 28, 9:30-11:30 AM
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Rest in the nest- 0- 4 months of age

Irene Gouge of Loving Lessons Sleep Consulting will cover healthy sleep habits, the importance of creating a secure attachment, and misconceptions about sleep. The goal
of this class is to meet parents where they are in their parenting journey and help lay a healthy sleep foundation for their child so that they may grow into great sleepers!

This class will cover the following topics:

- Tools for taking care of you and baby
- Cultivate a relationship with your child that fosters love, trust, respect and a secure attachment
- Learn common trends of newborns who sleep well
- How to set up a restful sleep environment
- Create a bedtime routine
- Debunking feeding and sleeping myths
- Become equipped with calming strategies and comfort measures for fussy baby
- Read your babies cues to be responsive and supportive
- Create flexible routines
- Practical and helpful tips for day to day life with your newborn
- Choosing products for your child’s sleep needs

You’ll leave with confidence in making informed sleep decisions for your family!

Geared for: Expectant parents, parents and caregivers preparing the nest through 4 months of age.

Bring along an additional adult from the same household for an additional $25 only!

Date & Time : 28/03/2020 09:30:00 AM
  • Additional adult from the same household + USD $25.00
Carolina Elite Women's Care, 2501 Atrium Dr STE 310 Raleigh, North Carolina United States 27607
About the service provider

At 8 months postpartum with her second daughter, our Founder, Kathryn, found herself feeling overwhelmed, angry, and not able to function. She shrugged it off, blaming busyness, sleep deprivation, and adjusting to a new “normal” with two kids. It wasn’t until her GP suggested she may have postpartum anxiety that she realized this might not be normal. So she sought the help of a therapist. At her first visit, the therapist affirmed Kathryn had PPA. As she worked with her therapist to treat her anxiety, the anger faded and life felt doable again. During this process, Kathryn realized the value of her GP and therapist — they were life changing. The Triangle has a wealth of these resources for growing families…but accessing them individually takes time and energy that families with young children simply don’t have. So they often turn to the internet for answers and….well, you know where that leads. How many windows are open on your phone right now? All families feel growing pains and all families deserve access to well-researched, practical, and personalized information. Kathryn knew these local resources should be together in one place for families and that she could make it happen. After all, she’s an educator by trade, mama of two, and connector of people by nature. The rest is history. Kathryn gathered a team of local experts, channeled her background and passion for education, and the Nurtured Nest was born.

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