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NFP Private Class (Aus): Parentmedic Baby + Child First Aid (Stella Bella, Fyshwick, 27th May)
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Parentmedic Baby + Child First Aid Private Event By Parentmedic Ambassador Dr Tanya Hashmi
Organiser: Katherine McCorkindale, Stella Bella Childcare Centre, Fyshwick
Date/Time: Sunday 27th May 2018 @ 1:30pm
Welcome to The Parentmedic Movement. Parentmedic Baby & Child First Aid sessions are provided in your home or location by a Parentmedic Ambassador. You will learn information in children's health, first aid and safety in a warm and friendly environment. The session aims to help you feel more confident and prepared in handling common childhood health issues and knowing what to do in an emergency. All Parentmedic Ambassadors have completed specialised education with The Parentmedic Movement to ensure they are up to date with current recommendations and first aid regulations.

You will learn:
-Baby + Child CPR
-Safe Eating + 1st Aid for Choking
-Head injuries
-Allergies + Anaphylaxis
-Fevers + Temperature Management
-...and more!

Fyshwick Canberra, ACT Australia 2609
About the service provider

Hello! I'm Tanya, your local Parentmedic Ambassador for the Canberra region & surrounds. I am mummy to a beautiful 2 month old baby girl, and I am also a paediatric doctor at The Canberra Hospital, and previously at The Children's Hospital At Westmead. I am passionate about empowering parents and carers with the knowledge and skills they need to save their little ones in an emergency, and I am proud to be a part of the Parentmedic Movement which aims to bring accessible and affordable baby & child first aid education to all families. Parentmedic Ambassador Licence no. 387001. Mobile: 0422 997 822. Email:

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