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Attend A Public Session (AUS): Vic, Mornington, 20th Aug 10am
Open 24/7

Parentmedic Baby + Child First Aid Public Event - BY Parentmedic Educator [insert ambassador name + phone number]
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Welcome to The Parentmedic Movement.
Parentmedic Baby & Child First Aid sessions are provided in your home or location by a Parentmedic Educator.
You will learn information in children's health, first aid and safety in a warm and friendly environment. The session aims to help you feel more confident and prepared in handling common childhood health issues and knowing what to do in an emergency.
All Parentmedic Educators have completed specialised education with The Parentmedic Movement to ensure they are up to date with current recommendations and first aid regulations.
You will learn:
- Baby + Child CPR
- Safe Eating + 1st Aid for Choking
- Head injuries
- Allergies + Anaphylaxis
- Fevers + Temperature Management - AND MORE!

Date & Time : 20/08/2019 10:00:00 AM
Giving Back : Our commitment to supporting communities at the heart of how we do business. It is why we started and is integrated into our business strategy: we are built to give back to those in need. The mission of the Aligula Dispensary Health Clinic is to create a healthy community free of disease. Once established, it will service 6000-7000 people from the local community in Soy, Kenya and is the result of a collaboration between the One Heart Foundation, Health2Empower, the Kenyan Government and key community stakeholders. For every Parentmedic Session booked on Kinly, a donation to support the clinic is provided - equivelant to supporting a sick child for one day. The clinic requires $10,000 a year to serve the community and we would love your support towards this by donating a small amount when you book your Parentmedic Session by selecting your preferred donation ‘add-on’. Donations will be channelled to registered Australian Charity OneHeart Foundation directly for this cause.
  • I would like to donate $1 to the One Heart Clinic + AUD $1.00
  • I would like to donate $5 to the One Heart Clinic + AUD $5.00
123 Main Street Melbourne, Victoria Australia 3931

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