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Emma's Story
Emma Horne is a GP in Broome. In her spare time, she provides free first aid training to parents in prisons and Indigenous communities. “I was amazed at the lack of knowledge and info that was available for mums/parents/babysitters/aupairs regarding children’s and babies first aid,” says Emma.

“We have very limited access to resources and help here in Broome. Many people live in very communities with no access to Internet/mobiles or regular GPs.

“My first session was at an Aboriginal drop-in centre, with mothers ranging in age from 11 to late 30s. They had the same fears as all mums - concerns about sleep and SIDs, choking and starting solids. They just needed someone to explain the basics in a way that wasn’t intimidating.

“I’ve gone to a woman's refuge where women have asked how to treat deliberately inflicted burns and wounds. I’ve gone into a women’s prison, where the women haven’t seen their children for years but would like to know how to help their grandchildren. Some of my drop in groups now have fathers attending due to word of mouth about how much they can learn.

“Our first aid training empowers parents, giving confidence and support just as much as it gives skills and knowledge. It truly is saving lives.”

Date & Time : 19/03/2019 02:00:00 AM
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